Using SMS to make your Magento shop better

Ever ordered a product online and soon after received an SMS telling you your order shipped? I sure have, and it always makes me smile to get these real-time updates. I don’t have to struggle on a website, entering a long code that I can use to discover the status of my order. No, I just get them sent directly to my phone.

Unfortunately, a lot of web shops don’t offer order updates over SMS yet. That is why I am euphoric to announce our first extension for Magento. With this extension, it is super easy to configure specific messages for when an order shipped or when your payment processed, just to name a couple of examples.

All of this is possible without writing a single line of code. Just install the extension that is found here, fill in your MessageBird API key and start sending SMS messages! The SMS messages are sent to your customers, but you can also choose to send them to yourself so that you are always up-to-date on incoming orders and purchases. You can even tailor the message by using variables to make each message more personal.

Customers are never in doubt about the status of their order which can increase customer happiness and reduce support tickets.

Our Magento SMS integration is the first of a series of integrations we want to develop to allow a broader range of our customers to use the power of SMS. Please let us know what integrations you would like to see in the comments below or send an email to It’s important to note that the current version only supports Magento 1.x. We are working hard also to support the new Magento 2 in the future.

Download MessageBird SMS for Magento (The integration itself is free)

P.S.: Like all of our libraries, this integration is open-source, and developers are more than welcome to help us improve this integration:

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