Why use WhatsApp for security notifications and authentications

Michael Frieseke

The importance of online security and data protection within communications, for your company and your customers, continues to increase in the digital space. It’s why you’ve likely experienced a two-factor authentication (2FA) the last time you tried to reset an account password or complete a high-value transaction. Two-factor authentication, which is typically done by way of one-time passwords (OTPs), protects your users by requiring multiple touch points to verify their identity.

Traditionally, these notifications have been delivered over SMS. And while SMS is still ubiquitous, convenient, and global, it can also be expensive, and result in less than 100% deliverability depending on the region. Insert WhatsApp and MessageBird.

What differentiates a 2FA or OTP delivery by SMS versus WhatsApp?

Streamlined delivery, save on cost 

As a fully digital and global channel, WhatsApp enables businesses to workaround different territory regulations and avoid the standard costs associated with deploying SMS at scale. It also delivers messages over cellular data and wifi networks, allowing a 2FA and OTP to reach users anywhere with an internet connection. In some regions, our customers save as much as 40% by switching to messaging on WhatsApp.

More engagement on your customers’ preferred channel

WhatsApp has more than two billion active users, making it the most popular messaging app on the planet – it’s where your customers are and it’s where they want to engage with your business. 68% of WhatsApp users agree that WhatsApp is the easiest way to connect with a business, while 64% agree that WhatsApp fosters a personal connection with businesses. Sending your 2FA via WhatsApp is more likely to be engaged with than conventional methods.

Trust in fully encrypted notifications from verified senders

You send a 2FA for security – the platform you are sending them on should be as well. WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption to prevent all unauthorized access. It also displays a security message with every 2FA chat, something that scammers could not replicate. On top of that, WhatsApp conducts a verification on every business using its platform. Together, this gives its users the confidence to know any OTP you send is legitimate.

So, WhatsApp has several advantages over SMS for 2FA delivery. But, you still need a partner with the right networks, failovers and integrations to ensure deliverability. And you need a top partner of Facebook globally with access to Beta and the newest releases of WhatsApp to deliver world-class communication for your business. This is where MessageBird comes in.

What differentiates a 2FA or OTP delivery with MessageBird?

Authenticate at scale

Our network is built for global scalability – powered by direct connections with over 240 carriers worldwide and a state-of-the-art Smart Routing Engine. So whether you’re verifying hundreds or millions of users, our network ensures rapid, reliable delivery.

Omnichannel failover

With MessageBird, you establish a built-in failover for all of your one-way messages. So if your WhatsApp 2FA is not delivered or read after a certain period of time, our omnichannel system allows you to use other channels like SMS, Voice, Messenger and more so you can assure your message is delivered. 

Automate verification with or without code

Build verification into your applications with SDK’s available in 8 different languages. Make the request to our Verify API and receive a verification response. Or empower your entire team to create, update, and launch 2FA or OTP solutions using custom or pre-built flows with Flow Builder.

Integrate with ease

Our API is designed to quickly and easily integrate with your product, application or websites. It also allows you to plug into the tools you already use like Salesforce, Zapier, Amino and more.

As a business owner, WhatsApp lets you confirm identity to secure accounts (2FAs) on the world’s most popular messaging service while saving money, creating more engagement and boosting trust. MessageBird allows you to rest assured that authentication transactions and timely notifications are always delivered at scale. The collective power is cost-effective, secure and delivered – it’s a complete solution to your one-way messaging.