Reorder: Using WhatsApp to power a more profitable and efficient food ordering experience

A new way to order food

How great does it sound to be able to order and sell your food through WhatsApp? Well, with Reorder, a result of the creative minds at, you can do just that. Reorder simplifies the way hungry customers can order from businesses with a fully automated WhatsApp shop. It’s faster for customers to get the food they want and it lets businesses focus more on creating beautiful, artisan food and less on the operations around it.

Building an online store shouldn’t be so hard

Due to the digital transformation required by Covid-19, many entrepreneurs and small businesses have been forced to switch to off-site and online sales – and that’s a tough challenge. For example, setting up a webshop via Shopify or Woo-Commerce requires a high-level of maintenance and content production, which is not only expensive but also time-intensive. 

So instead, some shops got creative, manually making WhatsApp groups where customers could order from a daily menu. The success seen by many of these businesses was stunning — with some businesses seeing more success through a WhatsApp group than on their traditional web store. While easy to get going, this solution came with demands of its own — adding/deleting people, confirming who paid, moderating the content inside, etc. Reorder thus saw an opportunity to bring these companies a better solution.

"MessageBird allowed us to try the platform [WhatsApp Sandbox] and prototype, which showed us that this was a platform that would help solve our problem. And, MessageBird supported all the WhatsApp functionality we wanted."
Director of Development at Generous, Guido Mallee

Reorder fills a market need

As they worked to build a better WhatsApp ordering experience, Reorder realized it needed a partner for access to WhatsApp’s Business APIs. During their market research, MessageBird became the clear choice for three key reasons: the ability to use WhatsApp Sandbox to quickly prototype a solution, the support of the required WhatsApp functionalities, and the competitive pricing. “MessageBird’s WhatsApp Sandbox allowed us to try the platform and prototype, which showed us that this was a platform that would help solve our problem. Plus, MessageBird supported all the WhatsApp functionality we wanted to use,” noted Guido Mallee, Director of Development at Generous. 

In partnering with MessageBird, Reorder has been able to rapidly develop and bring its solution to market. Integrating with WhatsApp’s APIs, Reorder offers their clients a robust WhatsApp shop to connect with customers that’s free of the headaches that came with the simple WhatsApp group. “Before, shops added/deleted people manually to a large group,” explained Mallee.  “Now, end-customers send a direct message to one of our clients, and our platform automatically shares the menu, takes and confirms the order, sends a payment link, and finally a confirmation code when the payment is complete.”

Under the hood, this all works with MessageBird’s WhatsApp API and Flow Builder.

A better selling solution for your business

Companies have been able to alleviate the strenuous, but important task of off-site selling with Reorder’s platform. In just a matter of months, it’s allowed businesses to continue focusing on producing well-crafted food, and not on how to build an online sales solution.

"We found MessageBird and its competitors. We chose MessageBird because of its price and ability to play around with WhatsApp Sandbox."
Director of Development at Generous, Guido Mallee