OneKlinik: Democratizing healthcare through WhatsApp Copy

Proactive healthcare that prioritizes healthy patients

OneKlinik is a tech-enabled primary care provider working to make in-person and virtual care accessible to everyone in Indonesia. Since the company launched its digital consulting service in June of 2020, OneKlinik has already helped tens of thousands of patients including a number of large corporate customers.

“In a country like Indonesia, access to affordable and reliable healthcare is a fundamental improvement that gives people control over their lives,” explained Gerald Zhou, Founder of OneKlinik. “OneKlinik provides primary care via a low monthly fee, so we are incentivized to keep our patients healthy by proactively following up with them and providing high quality preventative care.”

To enable high quality and accessible care, the OneKlinik team knew it needed to take a tech-first approach to its patient communications — especially for those in remote areas of Indonesia’s 17,000 island archipelago.

Seeking reliable communication in a country of 270 million people

OneKlinik decided to build its platform around WhatsApp — a familiar, user-friendly channel with high engagement rates — as an estimated 40% of people in Indonesia use the app.

“We started with a WhatsApp Business account for our doctors to reply to their patients,” said Zhou, however, the tech-savvy OneKlinik team knew it could get more out of WhatsApp with the right partner. “We knew we needed a tech-first vendor that was a partner of WhatsApp with a robust technical structure.”

The team recalls feeling overwhelmed as they scrolled through a list of thousands of communications providers on the Facebook Business API page. Then, a contact at WhatsApp suggested that OneKlinik contact MessageBird.

“MessageBird offers a good balance of tech, APIs and apps. It’s the perfect mix to enable a tech service company like us.”

Gerald Zhou, Founder of OneKlinik 

A consolidated platform for automation, scheduling, routing and more...

“Today, OneKlinik’s entire communication infrastructure is built on top of MessageBird,” said Zhou.  

For patients using OneKlinik, it’s like having a WhatsApp conversation with a friend. However, under the hood, the patient-facing application is powered by MessageBird’s Inbox — an efficient, omnichannel customer service platform — and Flow Builder, a drag and drop tool for automating communications.  

Inbox organizes all of the incoming messages into a single patient thread, giving OneKlinik’s team full context and history for every conversation. OneKlinik uses Flow Builder to route and automate its patient communications on WhatsApp — from onboarding new customers with a QR code to sending patient records, test results, and following-up as needed. 

“The first message from a patient goes to a nurse, and can then move to a doctor following the appropriate escalation paths, which allows us to address more issues and lower our costs,” said Zhou. Through OneKlinik’s end-to-end platform, patients can send a WhatsApp message to the team, then receive follow-up care through a virtual consultation or referral to visit a clinic. 

Communications that enable proactive healthcare, fast!

By integrating MessageBird into its online and offline processes, OneKlinik is able to provide timely and proactive healthcare to people across Indonesia. 

Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, OneKlinik has been able to support countless patients with daily check-ins through WhatsApp template messages — and if they need to get to a hospital, OneKlinik can immediately coordinate their admission.

“OneKlinik is omnipresent medical assistance here to guide its patients,” said Zhou. “We are always proud of the care we provide and without MessageBird, our company wouldn’t run.”

“The MessageBird platform allows us to see more patients in a shorter period of time and expand our reach without having to significantly grow our physical footprint.”

Gerald Zhou, Founder of OneKlinik