MessageBird launches Inbox to bring seamless, omnichannel support to businesses—for free

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Joey van Ommen

I’m thrilled to share that today, MessageBird launched Inbox: a free, omnichannel customer support tool for businesses of all sizes. Inbox lets customers talk to you the same way they talk to their friends: on their preferred communication channels, with all the context of previous conversations, whenever it’s most convenient for them. From unified conversation threads and detailed analytics to accessible automation and AI-powered timesavers, Inbox is here to help businesses create exceptional customer experiences with fewer resources.

Today’s customers don’t want to wait on hold, they want to talk to businesses on their terms, on their own timelines. With 86% of consumers willing to pay more for better customer experience, being accessible on their preferred communication channels has never been more important. And as omnichannel communication that spans across email, voice, SMS and third-party messaging apps becomes the standard, businesses that deliver seamless, contextual experiences will stand above the rest. 

No team understands the importance of a positive customer experience more than Customer Support. For support teams, context means clarity, and clarity means quicker ticket resolutions—which drives higher NPS and CSAT scores, and most importantly, happier customers. But context is hard to keep track of if you’re offering points of engagement across multiple communication channels—until now, that is. 

MessageBird Inbox centralizes your customer communication across every channel—email, WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, WeChat, Line, Telegram and more—in one simple, intelligent interface. It enables quick, no-code automation so you can deflect incoming tickets and solve frequent customer issues automatically, freeing up time for your agents to handle more complex inquiries. Inbox combines customer interactions across every channel into one unified conversation thread, so your agents have all the information they need on one screen to deliver support that makes customers feel heard and understood. And while your support team reaps the benefits of automation and centralized customer information, Inbox incorporates AI into ticket tagging, language recognition and translation, suggested replies, and more to bring your customer support processes into the future. 

No more switching from live chat to browser to support tool interface to collect all the information you need to solve a ticket. No more paying for overpriced tiers with functionality your business won’t need in order to access all the communication channels your customers want to use. No more outdated support processes. No more missed messages. 

With Inbox, you’ll be able to customize your entire communication stack with an out-of-the-box solution that you can have up and running within 60 seconds, for free. Reduce customer wait times, increase agent efficiency, automate tedious manual work, and never put your customers on hold again. 

We can’t wait to see the customer experiences you build with MessageBird Inbox. Are you ready to get started? Go live in 60 seconds, here.