Introducing "Work Anywhere" .... Yup, you read that right!

When the COVID-19 pandemic eventually comes to an end, the “work from home” movement will continue here at MessageBird.

In fact, we’re taking it one step further with an indefinite “Work Anywhere” policy, whereby Birds can choose where they set up their workspace — literally anywhere they want, as long as it’s in the same time zone as their team.

There are various reasons we’re making this decision, but first and foremost, it’s in line with our motto: “get shit done.” Our Birds will be able to work with more productivity and focus, in an environment that suits them best. Prefer to take calls from a quiet countryside cottage? No problem. Write code from a beach? You got it! How about a bustling city getaway for a few weeks to work and experience a new culture at the same time? Go ahead!

With “Work Anywhere,” we’ll be able to focus more on outcomes instead of clock hours behind a desk in the office. We can also have a better work-life balance with less commuting — which has added sustainability benefits for the planet, too.

“MessageBird pioneered OPaaS (Omni-channel Platform as a Service) based on the idea that global companies should have zero-friction communication with their customers anywhere in the world. Our employees should also be able to take advantage of the strengths that have made us the world's OPaaS leader: flexibility, a global-mindset, and a commitment to smooth communication. That is why we're making the shift to 'Work Anywhere,'" says Robert Vis, Founder and CEO.

In order to ensure continued collaboration and effective teamwork, we’ll have an 80/20 rule — so, Birds will need 80% of their daily working time to overlap with their team. Beyond that, our Birds can adapt their schedules flexibly to best suit their lifestyles, instead of the strict “9 to 6” mentality.

“We’ve seen how beneficial it is to empower our people to work from where they want to.” says Lindsay Ross, Global Director of People. “Our ‘Life Happens’ mantra means we committed to supporting each individual employee’s needs. Paired with ‘Work Anywhere,’ we will be able to provide even more freedom, trust and flexibility, so that people can do their best work in their preferred conditions.”

In key cities we’ll keep our MessageBird hubs open, so Birds can still convene for meetings or make use of flex desks if desired.

The decision will also allow us to expand our talent pool without geographical restrictions. We’ll have borderless access to attract and hire the best people from all over the world, making our company more diverse, competitive and powerful.

In true MessageBird spirit, we’re rolling this out quickly and will iterate as the “Work Anywhere” concept evolves. Of course, we will continue to update you on how it works in practice as we progress!