How to create a better waiting experience when call queues fill up

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Kay Vink

How to create a better waiting experience

This post is part of a series on optimizing customer support operations. In it, we cover how to create a better experience for your customers when they end up in a queue. Discover more ways to improve customer service efficiency by reading the full guide here.

There is no need to keep customers on hold while they wait

As your call volumes grow you’ll start running into new challenges. Managing capacity is a delicate balancing act which inevitably at times will result in queues filling up. And even though we can all agree that being on hold is one of the worst experiences - many companies still put their customers through the wait. Wouldn’t it be easier if the customer could hang up, go on with their life and get a call back from the next available rep?

Why isn’t everyone creating a better waiting experience?

Even though the idea is quite simple, building more advanced communication flows has been limited to those with access to expensive telecommunications tooling who are willing to invest significant engineering time. This is why we built Flow Builder, a communication automation platforms which empowers cross-functional teams to collaborate on communication flows. It allows you to run logic, pull in data from external data sources and perform actions in third party services.

This is how you do it

In this how-to we are looking at a scenario where we have a call queue that has filled up, we want to offer the caller the option to hang up and be called back by the next available agent. Obviously, we will be looking to minimize the work for the rep by automating the communication flow. 

What we are trying to achieve:

  • Catch the incoming call
  • Check queue status
  • Offer the option to call back
  • Place the call in an auto dialer

  1. Incoming call

  1. Check queue status
  2. Offer the option to call back
  3. Place the call in an auto dialer

Feel free to reach out!

Keep in mind, this is just a simple example of how it could work in the real world. We have seen people combine all sorts of data sources, third party services and channels. Sky's the limit.

If you have a problem that could be optimized with communication automation we would love to talk to you. Feel free to reach out here and we can set up some time with a product expert to help you flesh out your ideas.