Glovo: Communications that make city life more accessible

Giving everyone easy access to anything in their city

Glovo is an on-demand delivery app created to deliver the best products within a city — from food to pharmaceuticals — to its customers. It launched in early 2015 in Barcelona and has since expanded into over 400 cities across 25 countries.

Glovo sees itself as the connector between local businesses, couriers and consumers. It aims to transform the way users acquire what they need by being at the forefront of Q-commerce — a type of commerce that ensures delivery within 15 minutes or less.

To help the Glovo team get there, they “Needed a global communications provider that could support our growth and provide a good level of service,” said Ludovic Magnier, Live Operations Platforms Manager at Glovo.

Communications were hindering growth instead of helping

“A year and a half ago, Glovo was working with five or six smaller [communication] vendors and providers,” noted Magnier. This setup led to challenges of quality, reliability, and scalability of its communications across channels and markets, which hindered Glovo’s ability to innovate and grow. 

“We were engaging our couriers through email and in-app push notifications,” explained Luis Grau Granada, EEMEA Operations Manager at Glovo. “But those didn’t suffice. So, we built our own dialer to make phone calls from a call center. But manually building and maintaining our own solutions wasn’t scalable.”  

Glovo was on the search for a communications platform to consolidate and automate its courier and partner communications worldwide — and a platform that integrated into its existing CRM and support tooling to meet Glovo’s pace of innovation and way of testing.

“The reason we chose MessageBird — on top of its infrastructure, platform and so on — was really the culture fit. I think MessageBird understands very well the challenges a company like Glovo is facing and they have been able to support us very well.”

Ludovic Magnier, Live Operations Platforms Manager

Automation and integration were the keys to success

Glovo partnered with MessageBird to bring automated and omnichannel solutions to its interactions with partners and couriers (or “Glovers” as they call them). 

One of the key products Glovo uses is Flow Builder.

“Flow Builder is a very flexible solution that helps us to easily build communication flows that trigger automatic calls or WhatsApp messages. This replaces the inefficient human interactions, while being even more convenient for our customers and couriers,” said Granada. 

Glovo also benefits from the breadth of communication channels they can automate.

The omnichannel functionality and global connectivity of Flow Builder allows Glovo to adapt to the specifics of new markets and segments while ensuring reliable engagement on the preferred channels.

On top of that, MessageBird’s products have easily integrated into Glovo’s existing CRM and support tools, which has helped Glovo to implement, test, iterate and scale fast. 

The impressive results are only the beginning 

Since partnering with MessageBird, Glovo’s lead to acquisition of drivers upscaled by 200%. Furthermore, its courier retention rose by 20% in some segments and its local business partners experienced 40% time saved while onboarding. 

“We see innovation on a weekly basis — new features, products and services — which is why we are happy to work with a company like MessageBird because you are really supporting our own innovation and growth,” said Magnier. And the partnership will continue this way — constantly testing, iterating and building solutions together at speed.

“Adapting to every local specificity by maintaining a more standard operation is key to our scalability in new markets. And this is where Flow Builder excels. With the right setup, you are able to adapt and run the same process through very heterogeneous markets: from Croatia to Uganda or Kazakhstan.”

Luis Grau Granada, EEMEA Operations Manager