Expert: Modernizing communications to enhance customer experience

Customer centric consumer electronics

For more than 50 years, Expert has been a customer and service-oriented franchise retailer in home electronics across the Netherlands. Each of its more than 130 stores is owned by an independent, local entrepreneur, which allows Expert to provide its customers with advice or service from someone they know and trust.  

Expert knows that customer happiness is integral to each individual store's success. “Our customer satisfaction is more about creating a partnership and personal connection, which allows us to create customer loyalty,” said Jan Wouters, Manager of Retail Operations at Expert. 

That is why, on top of providing high-quality consumer electronics and personal advice, Expert strives to offer exceptional customer service. To modernize its customer communications, Expert needed to consolidate its online interactions while expanding its channel offerings for its local stores and webshop.

“MessageBird has allowed us to manage our customer communications better than ever before. Plus, getting WhatsApp set up was quick and easy.”

Jan Wouters, Manager of Retail Operations at Expert

Adding channels while consolidating into one platform

In partnering with MessageBird, Expert centralized its customer communications between its HQ and local stores while adding new channels for customers to reach them on.

Expert added MessageBird’s Omnichannel Widget to bring Live Chat to its webshop and also brought WhatsApp to the corporate headquarters and local stores.

By leveraging Inbox, all customer communications are now organized into single customer threads, in one centralized dashboard — regardless of whether a customer reaches out by email, phone, Messenger, WhatsApp or Live Chat.

Automation drives business

On top of that, Expert now uses Flow Builder to automatically route incoming messages to the right store or customer support member at HQ. It also added automation to help reduce manual response times.

Another important thing for Expert is that the delivery and order process can now be done via WhatsApp. 

“When our customer clicks on the button, it opens WhatsApp for them with a predefined message, and when they send this message it’s routed to the right store,” said Micha van den Akker, Business Process Analyst at Expert.

Also, with these conversations happening on WhatsApp, the individual store can easily reengage the customer to provide the personal advice that sets Expert apart from its competition — via the customer’s preferred channel.

Better communications means more money for its stores

After only two months, Expert has experienced an increase in the amount of tickets raised, clicks on the WhatsApp button and customer satisfaction.

As a partnership, the companies will continue to work together to better understand how MessageBird’s solutions can be optimized for Expert’s organizational structure — to ensure it can provide its customers with fast and relatable support.

“Adding a WhatsApp button on our webshop — with the quick engagement to the stores — really helps Expert keep its customers, differentiate itself and refresh its brand image.”

Micha van den Akker, Business Process Analyst at Expert