Employee Spotlight Series: Giulia del Mastro

Our Employee Spotlight series invites you to meet some of our Birds from around the world. Discover what they love about their jobs, how they’ve grown their careers, what challenges they face and much more. If you’re interested in joining our flock, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn about our culture, people and how we work!

Giulia del Mastro

Business Development Director (Southern Europe)

"What we're developing at MessageBird is super powerful, and every day here is a new day for opportunity. Plus, with the right people around you, you can continue to grow in your career — that's one of the things I love most.”

Giulia Del Mastro says she didn’t plan for a career in communications or tech — in fact, she earned a degree in Maritime Law. But after an unexpected move from South America to Europe in 2009, she needed a job and coincidentally found a vacancy in telecoms.

“I fell into the industry on a whim, but now that I’m here, I wouldn’t want to change,” Giulia says. She had spent four years working for a Spanish telecoms company when, in 2017, she began a conversation with MessageBird to discuss a position in Business Development. “I moved from this super corporate role to a tech start-up experiencing hyper growth, and I immediately loved it,” she recalls.

Born in Venezuela and half-Italian, Giulia is the epitome of a global citizen — in part thanks to her role at MessageBird. She was living in Spain when she was hired, and the company immediately relocated her to Amsterdam. After two years in the Netherlands, she was transferred to Colombia where she was tasked with establishing a new MessageBird market. Another 1.5 years after that she returned to Madrid, where she currently resides, for a role as Business Development Director in Southern Europe. 

“Every day I get to talk to new customers to understand their problems and help to solve them,” Giulia says. “Digital transformation is the most powerful thing. It’s all that everyone wants, and this is where the future will be.”

How did you get your start at MessageBird?

Before MessageBird, I had worked in telecoms in Spain for four years. During that time, I got to know MessageBird and I really loved the way the company approached its work. MessageBird was just a little over 50 people back then. We started talking, and even though I was reluctant about moving abroad, I knew they had a lot of potential and I wanted to be a part of it!

What was your experience integrating into a new job in a new country?

I signed the contract and the next week I was living in Amsterdam! That wasn’t easy — it was a huge step for me. The language barrier was a challenge. The weather was tough to manage. I remember feeling like my head was about to explode from having to speak English all day! But the team was amazing; it was like a family feeling because we all sat in a garage together. Everyone helped me to set things up and find a flat. I immediately loved everything about MessageBird and the way it was growing.

What do you remember about your onboarding experience?

There was no onboarding process back then! You just took your laptop and sat anywhere you wanted. It was very spontaneous and tough at times, but it gave me the opportunity to learn more about all aspects of the business. That’s the best thing about joining at the early stage — I started in connectivity and now I’m more on the enterprise side. I’ve been allowed to have a full picture of the whole company.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

A cup of coffee! And an opportunity to learn something new. That’s what I enjoy the most in my career.

How does a typical day “as a Bird” look for you?

I try to divide my days into two parts: in mornings I normally have calls with customers, and in afternoons I do prospect work to bring in new business.

What has been the highlight of your MessageBird journey so far?

Where do I begin? I’ve had the chance to move to a new country — twice! When I went to Colombia, we saw a huge opportunity in the market but had to start from scratch. Within a few months, we’d established a whole team plus got amazing customers, crazy traffic and huge revenue. Helping to build our brand in the market was an amazing opportunity and helped me grow in my career.

How do you take advantage of the Work Anywhere policy?

The biggest advantage was that when I left Colombia, I could choose to go anywhere and work remotely. I’d been away from home for so long, so I wanted to come back to Madrid and be with my family. Due to the pandemic, companies were being forced to innovate quickly without interrupting their operations. Of course there were challenges and it was tough to work fully virtual with my team, but we got into the groove and now we’re used to it! Now, I find it easier to have a balance between my career, my family and my private life. 

What do you find most rewarding about your career?

One of the things I like most is to meet people, and this job gives me that opportunity. Every day I talk to new customers around the world. The Birds who work here are from so many cultures with different ways of thinking and approaching things. It’s a very rewarding opportunity for me.

“My previous job was very corporate — everything was slow and I needed to ask for permission before making decisions, which cost a lot of time. Here at MessageBird, we have the ability to be flexible. We try, do it again, and we do it until we get it right.” 

What have you learned as a Bird?

MessageBird has taught me how to be flexible. Take a challenge when you have it in front of you, because that gives you the opportunity to learn more! I also used to try to solve problems by myself, without asking for help — but I learned you can accomplish so much more if you turn to others for support when you need it.

What makes our way of working unique? 

We really do “get shit done.” Everyone is all-in, all the time. We’re also customer geeks! We care so much about them and we’re passionate about helping to solve their problems.

What are three words you’d use to describe MessageBird?

Hyper-growth. Challenging. Innovative.