Aramex: Courier communications 3x more productive

Logistics backed by enhanced communications

Aramex ANZ is a leading logistics provider serving the Australia and New Zealand regions. “We offer a cost-effective, reliable, timetabled courier service,” said Ruby Wolff, COO of Aramex ANZ. “Backed up by the latest innovative technology and real-time track and trace facilities, Aramex Australia & New Zealand is the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes, domestic and international.” As part of that commitment to using the latest technology, Aramex was in search for a communication partner to enhance their customer communications.

Coordinating logistics during a pandemic

With a sudden, global rise in shipping and forced remote work due to COVID-19, Aramex’s support team was quickly inundated with a sustained higher volume of support tickets. Most of these tickets are for customers who want to track, schedule, or reschedule their deliveries. While this is relatively easy for an agent to help with, it often involves several back and forth communications, which take up agent time. 

With the rise in ticket volume, Aramex needed to help their team  be more efficient to best serve their customer. That meant finding a partner that could help make customer communication more automated and more effective.

"Both our customers and our team love it because it's faster and easier to respond to WhatsApp messages than it is to take calls or write email responses."
ANZ COO, Ruby Wolff

Completely customer-centric communications

Aramex chose MessageBird’s omnichannel Inbox because it enabled them to communicate with customers on their preferred channels, while also coming with automation tooling they needed to build effective deflection for their support team. Quickly, Aramex deployed Inbox and implemented automated communication flows using Flow Builder

An increase in productivity during a time of increased communications

Now, Aramex customers can reach Aramex on their preferred channels (WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger, SMS and Google Business Messages), and they can track and reschedule packages, find branch locations, and more all through automated flows. Together, this allowed Aramex to manage 2.7 chats per one phone call, increasing their productivity by almost 3x. 

Plus, by deflecting the most common support inquiries with omnichannel chatbots and custom flows, Aramex agents are able to more effectively support more customers without the burden of manually solving routine tickets.

"Adding in the automation component, customers are provided with a seamless support flow, finding answers to their questions more quickly and efficiently than ever before."
ANZ COO, Ruby Wolff