5 Reasons Why You Should Use SMS Forms for Customer Feedback

Melanie Bueno

Modern business is built on customer feedback. You need data to create better customer experiences, or even just to provide your service. The problem many businesses run into is that nobody enjoys filling out a form.

Forms are a hassle — whether you’re asking customers to fill them out with a pen and paper or in a browser. In fact, over 81% of people have recently abandoned at least one form.

In a world that’s become increasingly mobile and on-the-go, more than 57% of consumers connect with brands on messaging apps to book flights, make a purchase online, launch customer complaints or fill out user experience surveys. So, why not use a mobile communication tool to get a customer to fill out surveys without making them fill out a dreaded form?

Enter SMS Chatbots

Two-way SMS provides an efficient and personal way to start a conversation with your customer. It’s also a great tool to collect customer feedback, without staffing your side of the interaction too heavily. If you build an SMS chatbot you can get all the information you need to fill out basic forms with minimal human overhead.

Here are 5 reasons you should use chatbots to fill out forms.

1. Speed matters. Customers are used to on-demand everything. Making them go through long and complicated forms can spoil the customer experience. Message them a few, simple questions and they can click that SUBMIT button sooner.

2. Build a buzz. 89% of people are more likely to recommend a brand after a positive experience on mobile. Give your customers a brilliant experience by helping them change that flight faster.

3. Boost sign-ups. Help your customers sign up for your loyalty programs while they’re in your store by giving them the choice to register with a few SMS messages while they’re standing in line.

4. Increase response rates. Text messages have a 94% open rate, compared to 25% for email. Improve your chances of getting a reply.

5. Meet customers on their terms. Communicate on the messaging apps customers already use with their friends. They’ll think of you as the modern company that sent them a few text messages instead of an old-fashioned email.

Be smart with SMS forms

SMS forms can help you increase your response rates, improve customer experience and create better forms. Reach your customers where they are — via their favorite communications channels, on their own time frames, with simple SMS messages.

Want to start using simpler forms? Sign up with MessageBird to learn how we can give your developers a solution that will work for you.